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Does IV Hydration Prolong Life?

Does IV Hydration Prolong Life | Tenth Avenue Aesthetics | East Northport, NY

Have you heard about the hype of IV hydration therapy but don’t know what it is? Well, let’s clear things up once and for all.

Since our human bodies need water to function, when it doesn’t get enough of it, this incident sends signals all over the body, letting you know the urgency of getting some fluids back in your system soon. The temptation to start chugging down water or sports drinks out there whenever you feel your body is low on liquids is not always the best thing to do. It can take a long time before our bodies rehydrate after drinking fluids since the large intestine absorbs most of these fluids. So, consuming large amounts of fluids that quick may instead lead to issues as bothersome as the initial issue, which is dehydration, sending you on a drinking spree in the first place.

That’s where IV hydration therapy comes in – and why this therapy may be the solution to your dehydration concerns. Read until the end to know more.

What is IV Hydration?

IV hydration therapy is a simple treatment that helps compensate and deliver fluids directly into our bloodstreams, especially when we lack the required amount. Through small IVs inserted into the arms, the fluids “hydrate” the body of the fluids it needs to properly function. 

It may also include other components such as vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and even medication in its mix to alleviate the body’s need for fluids better. IV hydration allows fluids to circulate fast through our bodies, rapidly replenishing them, a way different from drinking fluids orally.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Why would I possibly need IV hydration therapy?”

You can use IV hydration for numerous reasons. Some seek this treatment as a cure for hangovers or migraine treatment. Others deem it beneficial for stress relief, athletic recovery, or rehydration after long flights, illnesses, or hot days under the sun. When our bodies cry out for fluids and the lack thereof, it can leave you not feeling your best; hence, IV hydration can help out with these endeavors.

“How did I get dehydrated in the first place?

Dehydration can happen whenever you lose more fluids than how much you take in, like sweating excessively during exercises or spending longer times outside in the hot weather. Additionally, too much alcohol intake and even long airplane flights can also cause dehydration. You can also be dehydrated when you have a fever, frequent vomiting or diarrhea, or even if you only forgot sipping water throughout your day.

“How can I tell if I’m dehydrated?”

A lot of indications that signal dehydration can be pretty obvious. One of which is increased thirst because when you’re feeling thirsty, perhaps you’re already dehydrated or starting to be. Other signals of our bodies crying for fluids can also include having a dry mouth, headache, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and dark urine.

“Is this therapy a new one? Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

The idea of fluid supplementations through IV hydration is nothing new at all. For those who’ve already been in the ER or have stayed in the hospital, this experience is not unique to them anymore. However, selecting schedules for IV hydration on an outpatient basis is relatively new when it comes to this opportunity.

If you feel that you need fast hydration, you can schedule appointments to give your body the fluids it needs. We’re assuming you qualify for treatment since, like any other treatment, there are also specific qualifications first for IV hydration.

“Why can’t I chug down water when I need fluids?”

Our large intestine gets dibs on these substances when we drink fluids. It will soak up most of these fluids before the rest of our bodies begin benefiting from it. 

Massive amounts of water going down too quickly can also upset our digestive systems and even cause our sodium levels to plummet to dangerous levels. Fluids from IV hydration can get this task done more quickly and efficiently compared to only drinking water.

“What will the IV hydration experience be like?”

IV hydration only takes around 30 to 45 minutes. Enjoy private rooms with many of the usual comforts we find at home. Although, one discomfort that you may feel is that slight pinch whenever IV needles are inserted into your skin. Other than that, sit back and relax and never break a sweat.

When your treatment is done, you will likely begin already feeling better, reaping the full benefits of IV hydration after two (2) to four (4) hours upon treatment completion.

“What’s inside the IV hydration bag?”

The IV bags you receive during the IV hydration therapy will be based, in the first place, on why you’re getting this treatment. Practitioners will select a mix of fluids consisting of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and other medications to concoct the perfect IV hydration cocktail for you. For instance, IV hydration therapies for athletic recovery contain fluids, magnesium, vitamin B6, multivitamins, and even pain relief.

“What steps do I need if I want to get this therapy?”

Currently, IV hydration therapy is approved for adults 18 to 65 years of age. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment and before your treatment begins, Doctors and practitioners will also check factors such as your vital signs, weight, heart, and lungs. In addition, you will also be asked about any allergies you might have. For pregnant patients or chronic health conditions, You will need permission from your doctor first before anything else.

“Will this IV hydration prolong life?”

 Fluids from IV hydration are routinely used in prolonging a patient’s life. This treatment usually extends someone’s life. That’s why staying hydrated is very important in helping the body function properly. However, IV hydration therapy is a method that may also upset the body’s electrolyte balance, a requirement in keeping our body’s water equilibrium.

Final Thoughts on IV Hydration

 Yes, IV hydration can prolong one’s life. But specific qualifications and steps need to be taken and considered first to ensure the total effectiveness of this therapy. Consult your doctor or healthcare provider about this treatment and how it can work wonders for you.

Do you feel the need for IV hydration? Our wonderful friends at Tenth Avenue Aesthetics can help you with this therapy today. Visit them now! https://tenthavenueaesthetics.com/

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