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Is IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy really effective?

IV Vitamin Hydration

The abbreviation “IV” refers to intravenous treatment, with “intra-” referring to within or within and “venous” referring to veins. Thus, IV treatment is a means of delivering fluids to the body via the blood arteries. So, when talking about the advantages of IV therapy, we’re talking to both the IV approach and the contents in […]

Why would a patient require IV Hydration therapy, and do they work?

IV Hydration Therapy - Why would a patient require IV Hydration therapy?

In an ideal world, we would get all of the nutrients we require from our daily diets. We’d feel fantastic, sleep well, have plenty of energy, and be able to fight off whatever illnesses arose. But, as we all know, our environment is far from perfect, and our diets are far from ideal. It is […]

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